team nbct

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. -- The Pulaski County Special School District boasts nearly 50 Nationally Board Certified Teachers (NBCT).

The NBCT organization works to ensure that every student has access to the best possible education and teachers.

Below is a list of Nationally Certified PCSSD teachers:

Jacquelyn Ackley

Alycia Jernigan

Christie Alexander

Carole Kearby

Lani Allenbaugh

Sherri Keesee

Stephanie Belin

Regina Kirk

Rachel Blackwell

Lori Lachowsky

Tanya Bowman

Denetha Lawrence-Hall

Tracy Childers

Tasha Middaugh

Phyllis Childs

Ellen Morris

Ciara Cole

Kelly Moss

Debora Cosen

Monica Norwood

Krystal Duckery-Moore

Laura Pierce

Kathryn Emerson

Charlotte Pounders

Tamara Gatewood-Williams

Stephanie Racop

Angela Gilliam

April Reisma

Amy Gray

Samantha Russell-Runyon

Deborah Grimmett

Amanda Sahlin

Christianne Hall

Georgette Sierra

Andrea Harris

Timothy Sisk

Audrian Harville

Twyla Tate

Amber Harwell

Gloria Whale

Staisey Hodge

Susan Whatley

Jennifer Holladay

Amy White

Samantha Honea

Lecia Willis

Tonya Jackson

Shawnee Zanca

Dana James

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards announced today that 2,814 teachers became NBCTs and 8,064 teachers maintained their certification in the 2021-2022 school year. There are now a total of 133,444 teachers who have achieved National Board Certification to teach at the highest standards in the profession and impact culture and learning for vast numbers of students, schools, and communities.