thv interview

MAUMELLE, Ark. (THV11) — A Little Rock man won't let anything stop him from giving his time to local schools in his community despite the struggles of the pandemic.

He even spent years catching a city bus just to make it to his substitute teaching job at districts across central Arkansas.

"Today, I'm at Maumelle High and try to do all the good I can,” said Ronald Kimbrew, substitute teacher.

It's just another day at school for Mr. Kimbrew.

For 26 years, he's been a substitute teacher in the Little Rock Metro area.

"I’ve been at all three school districts and several charter schools,” said Kimbrew. "I'm in somebody's class.”

Education is important to Mr. Kimbrew.

He's enjoyed watching students grow into successful adults over the years. That's why he chooses to keep going despite retirement.

His dedication has proven unmatched.

Up until the pandemic when city bus system shut down, it's what he relied on to get to work.

"It would get me so far, and then I'd walk the rest of the way to get here,” said Kimbrew.

He was finally able to get a car, so he could be present in a time when districts are hurting for subs.

"Teachers are having to quarantine, students are having to quarantine, but having the subs, it ensures we can continue on,” said Shawn Burgess, assistant superintendent of PCSSD human resources. "He doesn't have to do this, he's retired."

As long as he stays in good health, Mr. Kimbrew said he's dedicated to get through this pandemic with his students in whatever classroom that may be.

"I'm not tired yet. I still have this urge to do all the good I can,” Kimbrew said.