sensory mask delivery

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. (THV11) — About 50 students at the Pulaski County Special School District will get a mask specifically designed for those with sensory issues.

Al Hunt, a student, showed off his new sensory-friendly mask on Thursday.

His mother said he’s adjusting to it nicely.

"They aren't tugging at the mask, they aren't repositioning, they aren't taking it off all of the time,” said Deann Hunt, Al’s mother and volunteer for the Arkansas Down Syndrome Association.

Hunt found the special masks online.  

She said they are made by an occupational therapist who works with kids like her son.

Briggs Equipment out of Little Rock donated money to the ADA, and they were able to purchase more than 100 masks to give to other children.

"You can wear it above your ears, so you don't feel that sensation,” said Deann Hunt. “A lot of children don’t like to wear it over their ears.”

They are designed with comfort, layers of soft fabric for protection.

PCSSD has identified several students with sensory issues who also struggle to keep their masks on

"I think by identifying and knowing the needs of this particular population, it's been helpful to our district,” said Stephanie Cole, PCSSD special education director.

The school is hopeful these new masks will help their students remain focused and safe in the classroom.

"We want them to be able to feel comfortable wearing their mask and increase the likelihood that they'll continue to wear those masks on a day to day basis,” said Cole.

The ADA plans to deliver more masks to other districts in the coming days.