Clinton Library Learning Center

Pulaski County Special School District school libraries are rebranding from the traditional “library format” into a versatile Library Learning Center. This transformation into user-centered spaces will better support the ever-changing needs of our school communities. 

While books are still the focus of the space, the Library Learning Centers will provide a space for students to collaborate and create. Our teacher librarians want students to be consumers of information as well as producers of ideas and projects. Students will use collaborative maker spaces for hands-on learning that foster critical thinking skills and boost self-confidence. 

The purpose of Library Learning Centers is to encourage the “right to read” for all students and staff. Additionally, the Library Learning Centers will help implement and enrich all parts of the teaching and learning process by providing instruction, resources and support in accessing and sharing information.

With the release of the new state library standards and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Children’s Book Week, this is an ideal time to change the name of our school library spaces from Media Centers to Library Learning Centers. Further, the media specialist role is different than in years past. The new title, Teacher Librarian, is an information expert who provides responsive teaching, advocates for equitable opportunities for all students and supports the mission and goals of the building.

Newly updated library book collections include traditional books as well as eBooks for our diverse student populations.