Volunteer Information

People Assisting Local Schools (PALS)

PALS in PCSSD are volunteers who provide supportive and supplemental services under the direction and supervision of a teacher or staff member within/for a school. By volunteering in our schools you are making a difference in the lives of our students, providing needed support to teachers and staff, and helping with the many activities and events during the school year.

The teachers, students and staff at William Jefferson Clinton Elementary School achieve many accomplishments throughout any given school year. Many of these accomplishments would be impossible without the dedication of the volunteers who sacrifice their valuable time and efforts in support of PCSSD. We constantly strive to develop and maintain a culture that promotes volunteerism within our district and campuses. 

Volunteers help our classroom teachers by allowing them to focus on what is most important, TEACHING!

William Jefferson Clinton Elementary Volunteer Coordinator:
Carmon Couch, Secretary

How do I sign up to volunteer?

Anyone who wishes to volunteer at a PCSSD school must complete a volunteer application prior to any assignment. This includes a background check conducted online at no cost to the volunteer. PCSSD partnered with Background Investigation Bureau to provide secure backgrounds checks for all volunteers. When completing application online, please make sure that your information is accurate and current.

Once your background check is complete, Aegis (Background Investigative Bureau)  will review the results and notify you of your status by email. If approved, this email will include a digital volunteer ID card. The volunteer application process must be submitted every three years, which includes a new background check. Your digital card will include an expiration date as a reminder.

Volunteer Hours

Volunteers should submit their hours for each day of service for a school. Volunteers hours are accumulated at each school (by the Volunteer Coordinator) and celebrated at the end of the school year.